Research for Legacy, Book 3 of the Ruins Trilogy


I do apologize to readers who have been waiting for the last book of the Ruins Trilogy. I’ve spent the past couple of years doing a lot of research about horses for this one, since what I know about those four legged giants you could put into a medicine dropper.

I’ve talked with people who do reiki on horses exclusively. I’ve visited with people who use horses in therapy. I’ve talked at length with trainers–regular breakers and those who use natural methods (horse whisperers). I sipped beers with rodeo riders and talked to ranch hands. I’ve attended rodeos to see how people interact with horses, different ways they ride, and how they honor these working horses.

I still need to go observe horse ranches and how people corral them and work them.

All of this figures prominently in Legacy since it’s set on a fictionalized horse ranch in northern Arizona. I don’t know how much this information will be present in the writing, but it will certainly inform an attitude for two of the characters.

I’m about fifty pages in and hope to get back to the actual writing this week.  We’ll see what happens to Kate Ferguson, Paul Rodriguez, and her son. Juan Vasquez returns with his pregnant wife. And you’ll meet Dutch Acuna and Toni Houston.

Stay tuned for updates on how the writing is progressing.


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